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Version 10.1.0

Released on 22 Feb 2024

Type Description
Added Cbn.ctrls.Viewer3d.startAR function for triggering augmented reality session in viewer control

Version 10.0.5

Released on 1 Dec 2023

Type Description
Uploading multiple files from base64 strings with UploadUtils.uploadResources didn't work

Version 10.0.4

Released on 27 Nov 2023

Type Description
Update some functions to accept generic types:
CmpUtils.getCmpValue, CmpUtils.onCmpValueChanged, CmpUtils.getRecordCmpValue, CmpUtils.getRecordCmpRecords, CmpUtils.onCmpRecordsChanged & CmpUtils.onCmpSelectedKeyChanged
Allow value of undefined for CmpUtils.setCmpInput which can be used to reset a component input to empty
Fix incorrect typings in d.ts files which lead to errors in consuming TS projects with TS setting skipLibCheck: false

Version 10.0.2

Released on 21 Nov 2023

Type Description
Added new properties to type Cbn.CJS.ShopifyCheckoutJson:
  • weight
  • weightUnit
  • categoryId

Version 10.0.0

Released on 3 Oct 2023

Type Description
Cbn.ctrls.Dataview.setEntries and Cbn.ctrls.Combobox.setEntries don't support string as entries parameter anymore but only arrays of objects.
Helper functions CtrlUtils.setDataviewEntries & CtrlUtils.setComboboxEntries have been removed as they have no advantage over Cbn.ctrls.Dataview.setEntries and Cbn.ctrls.Combobox.setEntries anymore

Upgrade should be rather straight forward:

Version 9.0.0

Released on 26 Sep 2023

Type Description
Support base64 data string as resource upload input type for UploadUtils.uploadResources

Breaking change Input parameter companyName of UploadUtils.uploadResources has been removed, as uploads only work in the current company, which is automatically detected by the system.

When updating to this version, check all calls to UploadUtils.uploadResources and remove the parameter companyName. You might be able to further simplify your code by directly using the base64 string input of the function instead of manually creating an upload file.

Version 8.0.0

Released on 17 Aug 2023

Type Description
New param sanitizeValue for Cbn.ctrls.Container.setHeaderText & Cbn.ctrls.Label.setLabelText

Breaking change Default value of sanitizeValue parameter for Cbn.ctrls.Container.setHeaderText & Cbn.ctrls.Label.setLabelText changed from false to true.

Actually the functions Cbn.ctrls.Container.setHeaderText & Cbn.ctrls.Label.setLabelText already had a parameter sanitizeValue before this release but it was not documented. This means in earlier versions, when calling those 2 functions, the given value was never sanitized. This has changed now, so that the given value is always sanitized by default.

See documentation on User input sanitization for more information on this topic in general.

When updating to this version, check all calls to Cbn.ctrls.Container.setHeaderText & Cbn.ctrls.Label.setLabelText and ensure that it is either ok, that the given values are now sanitized or disable sanitization by setting sanitizeValue explicitly to false.

Version 7.1.2

Released on 14 Jun 2023

Type Description
New typing Cbn.CJS.ShopifyCheckoutJson

Version 7.1.1

Released on 18 Apr 2023

Type Description
Incorrect parameter type in Cbn.ctrls.Viewer3d.onAfterSpecCreated

Version 7.1.0

Released on 12 Apr 2023

Type Description
Support for extension of viewer control with custom JS via new CtrlUtils.getViewerCtrl and Viewer3d control typings

Version 7.0.0

Released on 13 Dec 2022

Type Description
Add new function for receiving all assigned babylon assets (AssetUtils.getAllBabylonAssetInfo)
Remove bundle name from AssetUtils.getBabylonUrl

Breaking change Babylon asset paths (folderName.assetName) have to be unique throughout all assigned bundles now. That's why the bundle name has been removed from the AssetUtils.getBabylonUrl call

Version 6.1.4

Released on 30 Nov 2022

Type Description
New typings Cbn.CJS.Shopware6CheckoutJson & Cbn.CJS.DiyShopCheckoutJson

Version 6.1.3

Released on 25 Oct 2022

Type Description
Fixed issue with CmpUtils.onCmpValueChanged leading to many "Missing component(s) in CustomJSCmps" messages, although they weren't used in CustomJS

Version 6.1.1

Released on 17 Oct 2022

Type Description
"Missing components area" in configurator preview shows a warning now when accessing table component values without using the extended data option (prepended "+") in CustomJSCmps

Version 6.1.0

Released on 27 Sep 2022

Type Description
AssetUtils providing AssetUtils.getBabylonUrl
Issues with CmpUtils.onAnyCmpValueChanged:
  • Returned raw instead of parsed component values
  • Sometimes returned values of components which have not been requested
See this for more details.

Breaking change CmpUtils.onAnyCmpValueChanged returns parsed instead of raw values now to behave the same as CmpUtils.getCmpValue etc.

See this for more details.

Version 6.0.0

Released on 31 Aug 2022

Type Description
Always get/set data as objects instead of "raw data arrays"
This makes custom data conversions obsolete
Interface registration for all components (with complex types)

Breaking change (might not apply to all configurators) When installing CJS Utils 6.0.0 or above it is mandatory to create/register interfaces for value components and remove (simplify) any kind of "raw data" conversions
Upgrade guide

Version 5.0.3

Released on 10 Mar 2022

Type Description
Make use of new Combeenation NPM packages @combeenation/ts-config, @combeenation/eslint-config & @combeenation/prettier-config.
Doesn't change anything for consuming code.

Version 5.0.1

Released on 23 Sep 2021

Type Description
Enforce registration of Hive interfaces

Breaking change When installing CJS Utils 5.0.1 or above it is mandatory to register interfaces!
Otherwise records can't be retrieved.
How to upgrade: Details page

Version 4.0.0

Released on 26 Aug 2021

Type Description
Added new functions for Shapediver control
Remove various system code typings

Version 3.2.1

Released on 8 Jul 2021

Type Description

Version 3.1.1

Released on 28 Jun 2021

Type Description

Version 3.1.0

Released on 7 Apr 2021

Type Description
Added new utils functions for load mask handling
Added new utils functions for asynchronous programming => AsyncUtils
Fixed issue with multiple Shapediver instances in updateHtmlAnchor function

Version 3.0.1

Released on 10 Mar 2021

Type Description
Fixed mismatch between ThreeJS package and typings

Version 3.0.0

Released on 9 Mar 2021

Type Description
Added value change listeners for various controls
Added new Shapediver utils function waitForSettingsRegistered
Rework textbox value change listener
Change namespace of UploadState enumeration
Rework of Shapediver Embedded control interface
Renamed onCtrlClick into onCtrlClicked

See details page for more in-depth descriptions.

Due to breaking changes in the Shapediver Embedded Control, util functions from the SdvCtrlUtils class are not working anymore in versions before 3.0.0!

Version 2.0.2

Released on 15 Feb 2021

Type Description
Added update function for customized HTML anchor assets in ShapeDiver viewer

See details page for more in-depth descriptions.

Version 2.0.1

Released on 2 Feb 2021

Type Description
Integrate Release Notes in npm package
Update README file

Version 2.0.0

Released on 28 Jan 2021

Type Description
Introduced new typings system

See details page for more in-depth descriptions.

Version 1.2.7

Released on 16 Dec 2020

Type Description
Selected key changed listener (see {@link CmpUtils.onCmpSelectedKeyChanged)

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